♫♪  Octo Octa - “Cause I Love You”

An intern at Vice made a small mistake and children in third-world countries probably haven’t gotten to 2048. It’s Octo Octa, right? When I was first introduced to his music, I made a similar phonetic error. It doesn’t matter.

Grammar Nazi’s (also deep-house heads) will instantly grant Vice redemption because they premiered the latest from Octo Octa, a powerful deep house driver entitled “Cause I Love You.” Vocal samples exclaim the track’s title on repeat, persisting with fat and progressive percussion till we’re begging for major seventh chords. When they hit, it’s a familiar catharsis, but the end is not in clear sight. The track keeps spinning ‘til it becomes a whirlwind around you; you spot your lover in the vortex and pull her/his/zhir/its hand through the crowd of faceless dancers. “Cause I Love You,” you shout, lids shut, falling backwards into the whirl(d).

“Cause I Love You” is the lead track off Octo Octa’s third 12-inch release on the beautiful feels of 100% Silk.

• Octo Octa: https://soundcloud.com/octoocta
• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

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