♫♪  Ohbliv - Raw Spirit Jewels

Spit that seasick vibe into the pier as you gauge the waves and wind and grapple with why people are so rude to one another, and why so many people love guns, and why cows can’t jump. Or don’t, just so long as you make enough room in your rumbling tummy and dum-dum skull for Raw Spirit Jewels.

Eternally delivering those deep loops for the good of the group, Ohbliv heeds not. Fire is given once again. While I’m all about that cheesey dopeness of “The Aime is Love” and “World Relations”, Raw Spirit Jewels has all types of types. Slow piano burners, smooth horn jammers, soul knockers, r&b bangers, meditative interludes, cut-and-paste nodders, love-strewn hip swingers, and much MUCH more. Overall, it’s some of that eyes-closed-in-enjoyment kind of shit.

Cop a copy through Thrash Flow, stream through Ohbliv, and vibe with wholeheartedness, reguadless of mode.

• Ohbliv: https://ohbliv.bandcamp.com
• Thrash Flow: http://www.thrashflow.com

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