♫♪  O.L.I.V.I.A - “MODO AVION”

O.L.I.V.I.A is Argentinian vocalist/producer Olivia Taretto, whose debut EP, MODO AVION, is yet another compelling event from AGVA, a Buenos Aires netlabel of variety and vision. The EP announces Taretto’s take on club sublimity over four lovely, well-crafted tracks. The indeterminacy between person and persona seems a theme, mirrored in the dividing line between the artist’s given name and the stylized acronym or implied anagram thereof.

Her lyrics, I believe, concern the new modes of being that social media has given to us and that we have accepted. This theme could, of course, bear dystopian traces, but O.L.I.V.I.A’s work is too human-hearted to fall subject to that sort of gravity. Most graceful is the EP’s title track, which uncurls for five frictionless, floating, dreamlike minutes. A beautiful hovering balm eased at the decade’s cease.

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