♫♪  oMMM - Parallel Lines Converge

The foregrounded buzz of an unconsummated XLR marriage.

Why so gender normative, audio leads?

The parodic crumpling of what I believe is known in dance music circles as ‘the dubstep lurch.’

Get dancing, frat boy.

The corrupted meandering of a casio keyboard left on ‘demo mode’ in the rain.

I can see your fingers are not touching the keys, dufus!

Not so much a collage, more paper-mache with the glue still wet.

Don’t have a hissy fit now Junior!

These are the phrasings left squabbling in the murk of my notepad whilst trying to describe the new oMMM record, Parallel Lines Converge, a regularly unsettling but equally immersive piece of sonic sci-fi; the sound of a weed chongin’ alien race having an interstellar jam with the detritus of supposedly defunct human technologies.

Fittingly, it’s the first release from weekly NTS radio show turned label, Alien Jams.

Grab it on Vinyl from their Bandcamp.

• oMMM: https://soundcloud.com/ommm
• Alien Jams: http://alienjams.com

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