♫♪  Omni Gardens - “Thinking”

You may be familiar with Oakland’s Steve Rosborough from his influential, long-running Moon Glyph label, a bastion of free form psychedelic, folk, and electronics. After years of curating and promoting other acts, he’s stepping out under the Omni Gardens moniker, which was featured as the lead off track on Holodeck’s recent Holodeck Vision One. His new release, West Coast Escapism, due out September 28 via Holodeck, is an exploration of New Age tones and “an inherently meditative and deeply reflective experience,” as the label writes.

If you been following any of my other posts, you know an album description like that is catnip to my ears. I can’t get enough of it! Album opener “Thinking,” the first taste of the cassette, is a deep, satisfying listen that makes me want to set aside mucho #zoning time for West Coast Escapism. I moved to the West Coast six years ago, and I’m still deep on that new age, health food, regular exercise tip. Maybe you’re nervous about embracing the “New Age” tag, but Omni Gardens shows us how it’s done. Carve out some “Thinking” time and pre-order the tape if it suits your fancy.

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