“No Matter What”

We all remember the absolutely huge Onra/Washed Out sample clash when this song sounded like this song, which both took their samples from this song. Wait, you don’t recall the apocalyptic war of words that took place? Well, that’s because they’re both far too nice, saying things like “It appears that we sampled the same thing.” How very amicable. In any case, the Parisian beat maestro that is Onra has already released one album of oriental sampling oddball hip-hop, but it appears that his treasure trove of “Far East” samples is simply too deep for one collection. Thus, Chinoiseries, Pt. 2 has been released on All City Records, with warbling instruments, vinyl crackles, and soaring vocals. It even features an absolutely mental sampler video.

• Onra: http://soundcloud.com/onra
• All City: http://www.allcityrecordlabel.com

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