♫♪  ookiiani - “All Good” (Panzer Paradise Remix)

I think I’m experiencing some memory synthesis as of late. Not exactly false memories or some form of weird, locked away repression but I think a lot of nostalgia and other goodies have been getting compounded together (Mandela Effect). At one point, I could have sworn Will Smith did a track for Space Jam (turns out, no) or that FreakyLinks went on for at least three seasons (it definitely did not). I’m not sure what this all means but I’m positive it’s indicative of a vivid memory and nothing at all bad. Fingers crossed.

In a way, I believe that notion has helped me appreciate a lot of the nuances of my youth. Even in the generalized fog of what I think I remember, there’s some rad stuff plastered on the walls of my mind: countless nights of slumped-shoulders insomnia playing some demo disc for a roller-blade racing game that in all likelihood didn’t actually exist. Memories detached from their seeming insignificance at the time and rendered anew. I could pretend there’s some deeper commentary in these illusory thoughts, juxtaposed against these very weird times of truthiness but I won’t, I’ll just enjoy the product. Eerily comforting cartridge pop, vaguely familiar but in all likelihood, based on some wishful, incomplete thinking. It’s all good.

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