♫♪  orthodontrix - SCARCITY

like a ghost in the fucking room, man. Like nobody wanst to talk about htat evapored elephant jus tlinering in the corner like aflagrantly x-maswrapped elephant. how will the music i listen to now transcend the time of tests.

BEER ON THE RUG has certainly maligned the permutation of sorts with artist orthodontrix in the last few release, and digital is the deal. sell to the buyers. it’s all a USPS market. and ratings. give me a perfect or i’ll think y’re mafioso.

Ttickle, a peridyction like a dinosaur created by Spielberg in some studio south of santa [something or other]. and smoke inhalation. nothing like a mulch of seeds that growth like a festering gheap of creativity. lax on SCARCITY to cover it all up, peasE:

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