♫♪  Ou Où - Rhythm & Blues No. 2 [EP]

St. Louis’ Ou Où has been known to dabble in its share of dribbly rhythm, and their music has always kind of hung around a “blue” sort of tone. So it’s curious that there’s little of either of those attributes to be found on these “Rhythm & Blues” ambient releases they’ve been pushing through their Bandcamp page. This is the second of the series (the first coming out this past April, currently offered as a name-your-price download) and is yet another beat-less and warmly optimistic swathe of streaky synths. Bright and beaming rays of sound, the perfect thing on a cold January day when the freezing air nips at the brittle crust of your skin while a high and blinding sun can seem to heat your body from the inside out. You can almost see your breath in this music, wafting out alongside these gentle pulses of volume.

P.S. If you’re trying to figure out how to pronounce the band’s name properly, this video may or may not be helpful.

• Ou Où: http://ouou.bandcamp.com

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