♫♪  Outer Space - “Arrival and Assessment (excerpt)”

You wake up in a Bugatti. Alright. Pitch black outside. Interior looking nice, sure. Got that wood grain steering wheel. Leather up in here. Where are you? Can’t see past the hood. Come to think of it, who are you? You scan the zone, search your pockets. No clues. There’s something in the cup holder.

You pick up the styrofoam cup. Ah, now you remember. You are one of the bubbles on this cup. You play out your life in total harmony along with the other bubbles, stained into the cup once in your factory birthplace, never to move again. Which one are you? Definitely that big red one. You are the boss bubble. You stare at yourself. Looking real fly. Wonder what you’ll be up to later tonight. Probably still there on the cup. Not a care in the world.

A cord stretches from the AUX input into the backseat. You turn around and what’s this? A phono preamp and a little turntable. There’s a record. You press play. A steady synth sequence begins. You’re locked in. The patch thickens, rhythms pop up. Your head bobs. Somewhere in back of your mind you wonder, “When are the trap hats gonna hit?” The other bubbles are where they belong, but the big red one is on the other side of the cup now. You are in motion. Layers of ambient drift creep in. Squelch. Your eyes adjust, but in the wrong direction. Everything gets darker. The cup is glowing. Your eyes unfocus, and it’s two cups now. Gimme a cup twice.

Outer Space. After 2012’s triumphant Akashic Record, John Elliott’s solo project evolved into a duo with Andrew Veres. Their dense synth explorations survey ambient techno, minimal, kosmiche, early electronic music, future vibes. On May 12, Editions Mego releases their EP, Phantom Center. Follow Elliott and Veres through this chapter. No limit.

• Outer Space: http://editionsmego.com/releases/spectrum-spools
• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

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