♫♪  OvO feat. Carla Bozulich And Evangelista - “Fly Little Demon”

I’m gonna be real with you guys: Carla Bozulich is one of my favorite artists. Her work frequently strikes the perfect balance between song-craft and cathartic experimentation, and albums like the excellent Evangelista (TMT Review) connect the lines between noise and folk music in ways that are still largely unparalleled. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed when I heard that Bozulich and her band Evangelista were leaving America to focus on work in Europe. I was afraid that we might hear less of Bozulich’s recordings as a result of this move, but if this track with Italian doom metal duo OvO is any indication of what Bozulich and her collaborators are up to, then consider my fears assuaged!

“Fly Little Demon” is a slow burning study in apocalyptic kraut rock, and while the members of OvO and Evangelista play their instruments with an equal amount of restraint and pandemonium, Bozulich’s vocals characteristically steal the show here. Bozulich’s voice has got to be one of the most distinctive and versatile instruments in contemporary music. Her past work has found her using it equally to sweetly croon and summon guttural dread. On “Fly Little Demon,” she pulls out all of the stops, alternating between a gorgeous twang and near black metal screeches, dueting with Stefania Pedretti’s heavy guttural tones. In many ways, “Fly Little Demon” serves as an equally excellent showcase for Bozulich’s vocal prowess as it does for OvO’s instrumental minimalism. The whole thing reminds me of some of the more abstract moments in Can’s discography and whets my appetite for more collaboration from both Bozulich and OvO.

OvO’s Abisso is out now via Supernatural Cat. You can listen “Fly Little Demon” after you dare to pop over here.

• OvO http://www.ovomusic.bandcamp.com
• Carla Bozulich http://www.carlabozulich.com
• Supernatural Cat http://www.supernaturalcat.com

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