♫♪  Owen Pallett - “Song For Five & Six” (DJ Rashad + DJ Spinn Remix)

DJ Rashad speaks to us from beyond the grave, again. The real magic behind the late genius is that he (and really all of Teklife) can turn any genre of music into footwork. Footwork functions like a tool in that way. It’s not about impressing the listener, but about making the said genre easier to dance to. Something about that functionality is what works in a track like Owen Pallett’s “Song for Five & Six:” it is transcendent while still simple in its creation, giving the notion that anyone could make and/or jam to it. That sense of inclusion is one of the reasons footwork speaks to so many people. I always think it’s sexy (and a bit sassy) to remix a track and not include the vocals, but by doing so, Rashad and Spinn turn “Song For Five & Six” into a Steve Reich drum track of sorts. Owen Pallett (formerly Final Fantasy) is touring all over this summer and falll! Cross your fingers he’ll put this in his set.

• Owen Pallett: http://www.owenpalletteternal.com
• Domino Recording Company: http://www.dominorecordco.com
• DJ Rashad: https://soundcloud.com/djrashadteklife
• DJ Spinn: https://www.facebook.com/djspinn163

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