P Villa
“Beliefs Are Free”

Astro Nautico, the label responsible for putting out solid releases by howse, Time Wharp, Kuhn, Obey City, and Paul Jones, recently dropped Atlantics: Vol. 2, a beastly (and free) 41-track compilation of bass-heavy dance tracks, suffocated hip-hop, and ethereal bathdub constructions. Each morning this week, I’ll pick one of my favorite tracks, so you can start your day off astronautically.

Fuzzy bass, watery synths, chilled beats all the way through. I haven’t heard of P Villa before this compilation, but now I’m keeping tabs on him (I’m on a laptop outside his apartment right now). Villa released a full-length called Revist in late 2010, and he has a new one, Volacious, coming this summer. If the tracks are anything like “Beliefs Are Free,” then mark me down, +1. I’ll buy merch, promise!

• P Villa: http://www.bluntgutsnation.com
• Astro Nautico: http://astronautico.com

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