♫♪  Padang Food Tigers - Ready Country Nimbus [album stream]

Now this is how I like my folk: not closed-off in some stuffy studio, but outside getting some fresh air. The sound of Ready Country Nimbus, the latest LP from the London ambient-folk duo, is steeped in nature: rain, bird chirps, and waterfalls permeate the fog of droney acoustics, with flourishes of bells and banjos. The taut two- to three-minute running times keep the relaxing mood from veering into the purgatory of monotony, and the absence of vocals allows the lush instrumentation to seep into every last crevasse of your skull. Put this on, slip two cucumber slices over your eyes, and get ready for one of the best musical relaxation experiences to be had.

• Padang Food Tigers: http://www.myspace.com/padangfoodtigers
• Bathetic: http://www.batheticrecords.com

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