♫♪  Pallas - “Cast a Lion, Cured a Crow”

I remember spending summer afternoons stretched out on the neighborhood swimming pool’s loungers, their rows of white vinyl strapping suspending me above the hot concrete as the 8-track demos of Sonic Youth’s Goo — which I had ripped from the library’s deluxe copy of the record — came stinging through the trebly speakers of my Apple earbuds. As the overly-hearty laughs of suburban parents and adult-contemporary radio fought through the groaning chords of “Tunic (Song for Karen)”, the sun’s UV rays would singe my face, guarded only by a layer of sunscreen. I’d close my eyes, focusing on the burnt orange of my eyelids tinted by solar heat that baked Kim Gordon’s laconic delivery into my brain. The guitars; the heat; the background interference amalgamated in my skull, birthing the sort of sweet headache that stems from eating too much salt.

“you aren’t never going anywhere”

(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

A good no-wave track moves quickly and goes nowhere. It runs on a sonic treadmill or paces back and forth across the linoleum floor, waiting for some sort of result to come in. It signifies the sort of anxiety that seeks to worsen itself rather than to work toward a solution, digging its own grave. “Cast a Lion, Cured a Crow”, the second cut off of Pallas’ untitled debut record, showcases the Atlanta quartet’s paralytic jitters. Goosefleshy riffs retrace their steps across tense drum fills as Danielle Brutto’s vocals are swallowed up by the dreamscape, save for the occasional vowel sound. This is the sound of strolling through quicksand.

Pallas’ record drops on May 26 via Drop Medium. Snag it here and stream it here.

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