♫♪  Panchasila - Panchasila

Archeology on a whole new level of swag. Like Harrison Ford but darker, c’mon. And killing random-hire Nazi-hench. Skin-head, dark-skin grave-site hero ensnaring thieves of all things scared. Ether in a mindset so beyond that connects us all, one another, of art here on this Earth and beyond. Feel a beyond that now only post-torture can you access the minds eye to melt ever human being in a 20 mile radius: let’s go.

Eating and eating things found upon the way to life. Feeling free again. Amongst the living such a tulpa. Popularization of what snot ours. In a tunnel less accessible. Overwhelmed by mesmerization. In a tunnel, cave and unfound, echoing an Ank of current and energy. Vibrate:

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