♫♪  Para One - “Every Little Thing Remix (feat. Cam’ron, Irfane & Tekilatex)”

And here, ladies in gentlemen, is the first great weird collaboration of 2013. French producer Para One, best known for his production for TTC and his remixes of Daft Punk and Ellen Allien, has teamed up with fellow Francophones Irfane and Tekilate for a remix of his bubbly single “Every Little Thing,” which originally appeared on last year’s LP Passion.

But what sets this remix apart is the inclusion of Cam’ron, who’s probably been feeling a bit left out since A$AP became the de-facto buzz king of the Harlem rap scene. He certainly knows how to grab our attention by pulling off a solid bit of R&B crooning, before getting down to his usual horndog poetics “booty like a mountain.” Cloudy house seems an odd bedfellow for hip-hop, but it seems that Killa Cam’s found a new niche here, away from the now-outdated machismo of his Diplomats days. That’s not to say, however, that we wouldn’t enjoy another Come Home With Me: fingers crossed we get another “Hey Ma” soon.

• Para One: https://soundcloud.com/para-one
• Cam’Ron: http://myjigy.ning.com

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