♫♪  Parks Burton - Pare

One of these days, iPhone headphones that only plug into the charger jack will be ultra rare. Like, eventually they have to stop producing them, because nobody will need them. Yo, they already got new chargers on the X, like. It don’t make no sense. Which is similar to the evolution of pop. I think we’re still in a lull that’s as significant as The Beatles fucking each other all at once to orgasm. And it’s on Grind Select.

The new Parks Burton release Pare is a good choke hold during sex. It’s on you. Kissing away your breath during the most vulnerable of moments. Perpetual violence with a bit of confidence. Never being right in the head. The perfect job. Stay-at-home dad: gardening, cooking, cleaning, jerk-off naps, a handful of nothing to talk about that evening. Look at yourself:

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