♫♪  PASSAGE - Worked On

Something big —on the low— is popping ASAP on Illuminated Paths: Worked On by Passage is the full-fade top dyed puke-neon green. Umm — I didn’t read the e-mail from the label because I’m a human piece of shit, but at the bottom of the Bandcamp page are links to Heliophonic, Public Spreads The News, and Odd Nosdam, so this sucked me right back up on the core music just trickling into cultural zones that cross boundaries in ways remote-starting chevron up spades. So, but Illuminated Paths only samples a handful of tracks off Worked On, and they’re from all corners. It’s nothing you’re expecting. Don’t got into this expecting. Anything you should ever do is follow my directions, not. Or don’t. Passage has you by the valves and blood rates rise in fall in a climax of epiphany. Confound. Perfect on cassette or CD. Digital also works too, maybe. Not forever, so reel it thin quick before gigs are all hert:

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