♫♪  Patrick Shiroishi - Niño Pequeño y Hombre Gordo

WEIRD CRY RECORDS is back in they’s music exploration grind in 2017 with Patrick Shiroishi’s Niño Pequeño y Hombre Gordo. Right now, I’m sitting in a quiet, post-4/20 apartment setting with my wife asleep in the other room, and Niño Pequeño y Hombre Gordo is just subtle enough to not evoke a rise outta the sig-nif’s sleeping patter, but is simultaneously making me feel like I should fight something. I’ve plenty of plants in my place that are as tall as me, so let’s pick some contenders:


Old Strings could probably take a lot of shit before going down, I imagine. It’s been alive for four years, so it’s still strong, and can take some real dry-spells. The worry here is the squad. If Strings pulls up with a few extra knots, Ima be SOL.


Sharp is a three-year old, and is thick. No need for water. Stiff leaves like living cardboard. And it’s insisting on a taller apartment. Although, I see myself in favor because the lower- and mid-section(s) seem to be a bit bare. So I’ll knock it a few blows there, first.


Sure enough, Stout may be the winner. Sure she has a plethora of leaves that’d overwhelm my entire being, but strong-switch limbs that’d snap pain into me like a bee sting, and is constantly thirsty with an attitude of, “But I don’t really need it.” Inevitably, she’ll win because there’s a weird sticky residue on her leaves that makes me want to shake until it’s off me.

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