♫♪  Paul Hares - MSC DTH

What do a cannonball and a pile of old, moldy rags have in common? Neither of them have an upcoming tape release on Big Ear Tapes!

Paul Hares, flipper of mutant tape samples and producer of demolished drums, does though. And like I’ve previously stated, anything this guy puts out, I’m gonna blow my trumpet and announce it’s arrival until the day I die. So here we are again. Each release, while similar, is more a refinement of that dusty, screwed style than a rehashing of things past. And always are you left wanting more. Luckily for us, Paul doesn’t seem to slowing down at all. Case and point: MSC DTH.

Grab yourself a cassette from Big Ear Tapes, and float on the gummed goo of the MSC DTH river below while you wait for that babe to arrive in the mail.

• Paul Hares: https://soundcloud.com/paulhares
• Big Ear Tapes: http://bigeartapes.com

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