♫♪  Paul Hares - “th lp fm hpp nd”

Got a second? Hope so, cuz I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: pretty much anything Paul Hares puts out, I’m gonna cover. For realz. Reason is, I’ve got a quota to meet, and this old brain-box gets a bit dry and skull-bodied when it comes to exploring the WWW.

But, a far better reason — and the only one that you should/would/may/who-gives-a-fuck pay attention to — is that Paul Hares craps gold. Continually. I mean, his output is practically a stream of solid, short and stitched lumps of dirty delight. And do you wanna know another secret? He’s done done it again, this time with “th lp fm hpp nd”. This latest mix is yet another mish-mash of beats and warped samples, all with his signature filthy flair. So revel in the magma which flows from his controller and laptop, let it spew into your ear canals, and mob out in the most dignified of fashions, below:

• Paul Hares: https://soundcloud.com/paulhares

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