♫♪  Paul Hares - Top/Bottom [excerpts]

How in the heck does he do it? How does Paul Hares keep dropping completely compelling music on such a consistent basis? Oh, right: because he’s a completely compelling musician.

With his latest cassette, Top/Bottom, you best believe his impressive streak of consistency continues. Significantly less beat-driven than the flood of tracks on his SoundCloud (in fact, beatless), Top/Bottom is more akin to his abstract, dronier works on Roitfer Cassettes: Blurred and Shades. Both tapes are in heavy rotation around my place as “sleepytime tunes,” and it looks like there’s one more to add to the bunch. Best get that bedpan prepped and my jammies laid out.

On the excerpts below, you’ll find Paul in typical peak shape, swimming in his gooey tape sewage with underwater drones and tweaks bubbling and breathing. Both previews are as lovely as they are haunting, only hinting at what lies within Top/Bottom. Grab a copy of the limited cassette from the venerable ((Cave)) Recordings here, and be sure to check out the two other releases included in their Autumn batch, Berber Ox’s Communication with the Interior and Silent Isle’s RES/URU/SER.

Oh, and Paul recently posted a ten-plus minute mix titled “dly sssn ct” which is streaming below:

And here’s a freshly produced track for John Dope and Alley, too:


• Paul Hares: https://soundcloud.com/paulhares
• ((Cave)) Recordings: http://www.caverecordings.blogspot.com

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