♫♪  Paul R. Marcano - Valley Flutes [excerpt]

The last time Constellation Tatsu dropped a solo pan flute tape (Les Halles’ Invisible Cities) I damn near broke down in tears. That melancholy, mellow vibe moved me in a way no Coldplay or Adele jam could. Thankfully, the good people at Tatsu have granted my request for MORE PAN FLUTES by unleashing Paul R. Marcano’s forty-five minute “Valley of the Flutes” on us, just in time for the crisp fall air to descend on the nation. God damn, I might be tearing up as I type this, this is just too good, amigos. Get “Valley of the Flutes” as part of the split cassette with Andre Martin that makes up on third of the Tatsu Fall batch. All three are recommended for late night listening ;)

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