♫♪  Peder Mannerfelt - “EQUALITY NOW”

Fuck, I shouldn’t be covering this track. It’s already been 20 days since its release, and I’ve been to three different clubs that have bang edits and remixes of Peder Mannerfelt’s newest Numbers single, “EQUALITY NOW.” Last night, my wife and I and family went to this Nightmare Before Elm Street rave and it was weirdly lame, but cute, and free drinks; we were wasted just enough — having napped on the 7 into Hudson Yards — that the shitty DJ was bearable if we just kept dancing. This gal getting a four-way denim-dick fest that was “WHOA!” Dude-on-dude spandex-dick grabbing, “WHOA!” If there was something to grind, someone was grinding it: “WHOA!” And people wearing antlers and shit. CUT TO: me yelling at my wife, “Hey, baby. We should go back to my place and fuck!” so she slaps me with a smile. Then “EQUALITY NOW” drops with an extremely blown out bass that gets sweat in a swimming pool of bodies slipping off each other, fully clothed.

Equality Now will strip you, but the single obliterates:

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