♫♪  PEGA 速力 - フルーツ

If interstate travel was as soothing as playing Mircosoft Flight Simulator 98 on a Gateway Desktop with an off-white, red and blue buttoned joystick, I’d be George Clooney in that frequent flyer miles movie he made like seven years ago. But it’s not. There’s TSA which have led to a drastic rise in people confident enough to tell jokes at coffee shop open mics. Spirit Airlines doesn’t even give out Skymall magazines to it’s customers which are a real fucking travesty. What am I suppose to do with a three-hour layover and a six dollar Egg McMuffin? Put
on loop and Youtube airshow disaster videos. Maybe imagine a PEGA 速力 & ポム double collaborative album. Maybe watch CNN. Maybe use the shaudy WiFi and hack into an Airline for a million free flight miles. Let’s grab a $11 Bud Light and nuzzle up with PEGA 速力’s flight simulations.

After the nap, you’ll be in the ballpark of chipper – enough to listen to sweet pea’s digital 7” need you b/w boyfriend which features PEGA 速力.

• PEGA 速力: https://pega.bandcamp.com
• Gem Tones: https://gemtones.bandcamp.com

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