♫♪  Pernicion - “The Darkness Comes”

Zealous death metal pummels away, at a medium pace, plundering your inner ear for new victims, burrowing further and further with all heads a nodding.

Quick cut to a cliff, where on the precipice, you look down, as adrenaline shoots through knees and legs begin to quiver. With the immediacy of a particle accelerator, guitars ravage your semicircular canals, inducing disequilibrium. And then you begin the descent…into darkness. A ghoulish, half-buried shriek catches you. These vocals are climbing out of the grave. A soil-smothered larynx vibrates to shake the filth from befouled vocal folds.

Throughout this track, doubled guitars echo off of dungeon walls. Excellent accenting on the highs creates an undeniable brightness, while rough and ready shredding percolates underneath.

Falling back to half time, Pernicion achieve the delicate balance of alternating tempo. Vacillating from the quickened to the slackened and back, they furnish a headbangable groove, to conclude a quick trip through controlled chaos. The darkness has indeed arrived. Seek What They Sought will be unleashed on 2/22.

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