Philip Grass
“All I Need”

Philip Grass gets me. First, they do that increasingly popular play-on-names thing to subtle perfection. Then, they get caught up in all of that rain-heavy Pacific Northwest beat culture, which continues to drop gems. And, lastly, with every new hint of prolificacy-by-way-of-SoundCloud-embeds, the Portland duo continues to filter current tendencies in hip-hop through their Seasonal Affective Disorder approach to beats as fully formed songs in themselves. Take “All I Need” from their upcoming Dropping Gems release Find EP, for example. How it places those piano keys into the mix like raindrops sinking into the dirt. New age flutes slide on gusts of wind through the leaves on the trees. The drums are practically an afterthought until halfway through the track when they begin gently pulling everything else back down to the surface of the Earth.

If “All I Need” is Philip Grass, then I can work with the first single streaming below:

As XLR8R pointed out earlier this week, the entire four-track Find EP is out March 4 on Dropping Gems.

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