♫♪  Photay - “No Sass”

I get so caught up listening to all these dead beats drone on and on through their broken language of drunken snares and dirty (hi!-)hats, that I forget there is still a bit of life in beat music. Just check out this 21-year-old Photay dude’s recent interview with Impose Magazine. So many exclamation marks and talk about excitement and freshness. Spring flowers bursting from my computer screen! The entirety of the EP is so feel-good, it almost makes me sick. Sputtering hi-hat sweeps, field recordings, and wobbling synthesizers abound. I remember being 21 and listening to Guns Babes Lemonade at college house parties and “getting sweaty.” And I remember rarely feeling that way since… Thanks Photay!

Check out “No Sass” below. The full stream is over in that Impose article.

Astro Nautico, where you been? Haven’t heard a damn thing from you since you won that Kickstarter campaign and released that Chits record, and then you drop Swim Team Kush a little over a week ago and this Photay self-titled EP a handful of days later on September 9? “No Sass” or nothing, but these old bones’a mine need a bit more of a breather next time, k?

• Photay: https://photay.bandcamp.com
• Astro Nautico: http://astronauti.co

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