♫♪  pickle darling - “mouthful”


*tastemaker voice*

I’ve read my share of thinkpieces, pal. I’m well aware that flute rap is the wave/movement/aesthetic of 2017. I’ve re-posted the required number of movie clips synced to Future’s “Mask Off” to officially become a part of the zeitgeist. Bet you didn’t know that I’ve even made a few myself. As we speak, a few looped Dragon Ball Super frames paired with Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia” are being uploaded to my meme page on the ‘Gram.

Perhaps you’re unaware that our #CollectiveConscious’ new fascination with wind instruments extends beyond trap rap’s aural borders. Personally, I’ve spent the past few weeks re-visiting the scampering clarinet interplay of Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint and occasionally spinning Kieran Daly & Robbie S. Taylor’s new-agey collab put out by Psalmus Diuersae.

Most recently, I’ve shuffled pickle darling’s “mouthful” into my rotation of flautal jams. Frosted between a layer cake’s slabs of peppy keyboard and sinewy acoustic guitar is this lovely little melodica lead that I’ve been unable to shake from my memory. Though it only appears for a few measures, it just pops like a brilliant red smudge that acts the focal point on an impressionist canvas otherwise populated by earthy tones. It’s a sprig of grass sprouting from the city sidewalk — a sprinkle of rustic charm not quite swallowed by urban sprawl.

(And, not to go full weeb or whatever, but it also reminds me of Shirobako’s 2nd opening theme song, if that means anything to you.)

The New Zealand-based twee pop-purveyor’s new record, spring onion pancakes, is available for pre-order via Z Tapes. Go snag your copy here.

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