♫♪  Pinegrove - “Need 2”

The last time Pinegrove released an EP, I listened to it on repeat for a few days in a row, while laboriously cropping gourmet sauces, canned vegetables, and the like, onto white backgrounds for a supermarket website. The four-track EP never seemed short, or repetitive, or tiresome — even after the 23 time playing it. Before long I had a bachelor’s degree in Pinegrove lyricology. Needless to say, Pinegrove makes me sweat.

The four-piece band just dropped Mixtape Two, a few days ago. Carrying on similar threads of their year-old, last release, Mixtape Two is auspicious and homely. Perhaps a result of hearing many of these songs played live before, each track leaves a distinct feeling of nostalgia, not necessarily of a specified instance, but globalized sense of tranquility. The last cut “Need 2” emanates an empowered subject, riding the current of self-subsistence over a deep sea of forgettables. It’s a beautiful track, worth blasting with the sunroof open; something to scream along to.

Catch Pinegrove on their US tour, with Tawny Peaks too!

• Pinegrove: http://pinegrove.bandcamp.com

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