♫♪  Pinkcourtesyphone - Romantic Threat EP

Guys, guys! There’s a new Pinkcourtesyphone release, “a surprise BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE”!

No, the PINK phone! The Richard Chartier one.

That’s right, Romantic Threat EP (LINE) follows the super-tripped-out Indelicate Slices (room40, 2017), featuring three ambient zoners for your listening pleasure. “Romantic Threat (Original & Overextended),” from which this thing obviously gets its name, is the prolonged, unedited version of Indelicate Slices’ leadoff track, which landed there at a mere two minutes and fifty-seven seconds. Which is short when you consider that track 3, “Minimumluxuryoverdose,” clocked in at almost twenty five minutes. So, there you go.

Hilariously, if this is the sort of thing that makes you guffaw coffee out your nose, this version — the “Original & Overextended” one, for those of you struggling to keep up — “was deemed ‘too romantic and positive’” for Indelicate Slices. I know, right? Richard Chartier had to chop almost a full four-fifths of it off. Well, now it’s here for you to enjoy in its entirety, to get all joyous over, to rile your smile. Romance and positivity will pulse effervescently throughout your body, almost constantly. Will you join me in this ecstasy?


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