$PL▲$H ¢LUB 7
SYSTEM32 [album stream]

Walking inside the nearest fucking flea market, you notice sweatpants, slippers, a portable cassette player, and foam headphones are neon-trending. Maybe a mesh tank top. At a booth, you’re holding the first ToeJam & Earl game on Sega. Axe if it’s dirty. Blow in it. Get $3 off. Slick your hat back and fly by the food court for ice cream and honies. Madd honies. Trip on up at the collector’s booth and snag a plug of pogs. Hit the family bathroom, flip the fan, slow a spliff, and ride them honey waves. Flick a Polaroid. Finish, slide out back behind the trailers, and draw a circle on the concrete with a pebble. A gang of skeezy gamblers surround you and start betting on playing “for keeps.” The Best of George Benson cassette has reeled thin, and your pockets are stuffed with $73, a cassette you recorded over, and a 16bit cartridge. Some dude scrawls $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7 on the flea market door and yells out, “Next week?” You walk away.

• $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7: http://splash-club-7.bandcamp.com

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