♫♪  Plastique - Activity

Smooth, a smoothie, sip by sip into my stomach, and the nutrients therein, absorbed by my cells. Same thing kinda happens when I put on Plastique’s Activity; I get a fresh whip of palm breeze and ocean linen flavor full on frontally on my face, with a glee and a glow, which invigorates me, bathing me in warmth as I absorb vitamin D thru my eardrums. Once again: Miami calls me home, to that little pink stand on the corner that sells cubanos for two bucks.

If the meaning of an object lies in the essence of another object, then this tape equals, at least for me, Southern Florida. But any object will do, such as the flamingos, the gators, the New Age, the huge houses, the orange juice, the sex, the Spanish, the luxury, the furniture, the immaculate interior design, the hot mystery, the juicy unknown, the beautiful women on the beach, the Ferraris, the palm trees, the mosquitoes, the swamps, the brush, the surfboards, the surfers, the Keys, the key lime pie, the oranges, the sunburn, the sunglasses, the beach towels, the crabs, the mosquito larvae, the central air conditioning, the vapor, the mist, the waves, the vaporwave, the meth, the marijuana, the McDonalds, the Cafe Bustelo, the Cubans, the Puerto Ricans, the violent shits, the body tremors, the sweat, the retirees, the guns, the flower pots, the indoor plants, the turtles, the Disneyworld, the Epcot, the limos, the makeup, the Rite-aid, the gossip magazines, the timeshares, the saunas, the jacuzzis, the deadly asphalt, the cancer centers, the dildos, the fashion models, the warped guitars, the mustaches, the chlorine, the body wash, the cockroaches, the zombies, the shotguns, the cat food, etc.

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