♫♪  Plateaus - Plateaus

San Diego’s Art Fag Recordings has this way of releasing music on albums without sacrificing any of the live energy of its artists. The self-titled debut from Plateaus is no exception. If it weren’t playing out of the computer speakers directly in front of me, I might be inclined to think that the surf-rock band that lives next door to me was practicing in the middle of the day again. It’s a refreshing sound, like a backyard barbecue house show that you can enjoy year-round.

Stream the entire album below and enjoy endless summer in your cold and/or rainy and/or snowy city whenever you please! I suppose this is kind of what it’s like to live in San Diego.

• Plateaus: http://plateausband.bandcamp.com
• Art Fag: http://www.artfagrecordings.com

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