“Why Should I”

Maximize your mood and ‘tude. Three days straight of “Why Should I” on repeat in the car, at work, and around. Monalisa and heavy rain stop rain heavy rain stop, stop. To benefit from stupid is coy. Evil rises in the slightest bit of all people via “hi” and neglect to notice. First it’s this, and then wherever you’ve ended up from that. Open now, /please/, and through it all, through it all. Confusion between nerves and cold: a shaking leg loses more weight than stagnant arms. Simple moments exist as a seagull eats trash off an inaccessible roof near the window. But “Why Should I,” right-right. Stacks of boxes of Kleenex of snot and nose and “Hi, my brother.” It’s all genuinely illegitimate. Breathing and seeing through venom has always been a combination. Everything now has that summertime haze/glow. Smoke on the horizon blends into the clouds from the land and. And staring through leafless trees is natural abstraction. Brittney’s head and nonprofits. Instinct is internal lying. Whistling in the elevator and watching “Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb” with Grams. .2., oh /please/ is so Sewage Tapes.

• /please/: http://slashpleaseslash.bigcartel.com/product/please-2-tape
• Sewage Tapes: http://sewagetapes.bandcamp.com

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