♫♪  Pollàri - ✞ lil llàri world ✞

Blessed Pollàri is neither a force of good nor evil. He’s a neutral figure lurking in the shadowy depths of SoundCloud, the soon-to-be patron saint of Atlantan aesthetics, who bathes the city in Neo-Harajuku pinks and baby blues by night. ✞ lil llàri world ✞ is the celestial being’s most concrete intercession in the mortal sphere to date, a fauvist blend of gummy R&B synthscapes and Awful Records’ pastel toned sense of villainy. Punctuated with ad-libs that could easily be mistaken for Mario Kart voice acting, Pollàri’s warbly delivery takes center stage, falling somewhere between a sneer and and a hiccup, often bursting into echoing flares of overdubbed glossolalia. It’s eerily angelic against a solid backdrop of glitch-laden sub-bass pulses.

Along for the ride is a cast of equally eccentric locals: Lil Yachty lends his laconic flow and dry wit to the project, members of Larry League drape Pollàri’s bars with über-melodic punchlines, and Chicago import WARHOLSS muscles a healthy morsel of drill-influenced aggression into the veritable weird-rap cornucopia. Liberally powdered with sugary hooks and new-wave shimmer, ✞ lil llàri world ✞ doesn’t make for a substantial meal, but it’s still a deliciously fashionable effort that is a solid first step on Pollàri’s path to trap canonization.

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