♫♪  P.O.S - “sleepdrone​/​superposition”

Who says only Kanye West can make epic 8-minute rap songs good?! No, really, who says that? Haven’t you ever heard “Adventures of Super Rhyme?” That rap song was over 14 minutes long, and it came out in 1980. So, yeah, you’re a real P.O.S. if you say that. You’re not the P.O.S, though. The P.O.S, who you might know from Doomtree if you’re into that sort of thing, just dropped an 8 minute, 46 second rap song, and it’s great, and you can read all about it here. Not here-here, though. Here, we’re talking about Jimmy Spicer and Kanye West.

Wait, no we’re not. We’re talking about “sleepdrone​/​superposition.” In addition to P.O.S, it features Allan Kingdom, Astronautalis, Eric Mayson, Kathleen Hanna, Hard_R, Lydia Liza, Lizzo and Nicholas L. Perez. And here it is:

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