♫♪  Possessed By Paul James - “Where Does All The Time Go”

Do you need to take an all-night Greyhound bus trip? Do you need to plow your fields? Do you need cathartic bluegrass punk to accompany your red Marlboro-smoking, angry and lonely whiskey-drinking nights? Do you wish you had more music for your air tambourine? Well, then this is where you thank me (and my pet eagle).

It’s been three years since Konrad Wert — the one-man band behind Possessed By Paul James — released any new material. It appears he’s been spending some time with his family, kids, farming, and teaching — you know, all that truly legit bluegrass-Americana-alt-folk stuff. But he’s finally back (!!!!) and continues to be as emotionally intense as ever. So, I’m gonna go ahead and guess he’s a Leo [Update: I checked. He’s a Leo]. His new track is aptly titled “Where Does All The Time Go,” which will be featured in his upcoming album There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely. And it’s sad music that you can dance to, which is my favorite type.

Possessed By Paul James makes me feel American (even though I’m not). But I believe in America. And my pet eagle is named Lil’ From, which is a mash-up of liberty and freedom. I believe in being Possessed By Paul James.

• Possessed By Paul James: http://ppjrecords.com
• Hillgrass Bluebilly Records: http://www.hillgrassbluebillyrecords.com

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