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With print media on the decline, it’s always refreshing to actually hold new publications (that aren’t PEOPLE magazine). Columbus Ohio’s PRISM Index is an exuberant attempt to capture many facets of modern art in the form of a CD, DVD, and 80-page handmade book. This thing is pretty cool, featuring over 50 artists (some well known, others not) plodding through xeroxed pie recipes, “infomercial aesthetics,” and outsider watercolor art, among other things. Check out lots of content below. The visual art is by Luke Ramsey, Lisa Hanawalt, and Old Time Relijun’s Arrington de Dionyso, respectively.



According to the Index press release:

In an attempt to appease audiences’ wide tastes and hopefully expose them to new styles, artists, and ideas, the compilation features an eclectic mix of contributors and content. The main connection between these artists are their vehemently independent personalities and output, but with these seemingly disparate pieces PRISM index attempts to create a harmony with the art. Some of the highlights from the PRISM index #1 include: cult filmmaker Trent Harris on his friendship with seminal artist Bruce Connor, legendary underground filmmakers George and Mike Kuchar discussing UFO’s, illustrations from the recent “Ignatz Outstanding Comic” winner Lisa Hanawalt, inner turmoil and comedy of a troubled man through unsent suicide letters, vagabond lullabies, homosexuality’s connection with orange juice, an exotic zoology program, and a tale of gold diggers in shocking pink.


• PRISM Index: http://www.prismindex.com
• Index teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEO1vprw6tk

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