♫♪  Project Pablo - I Want To Believe

You ever have those days where the little things in life pile up in the wrong direction? Alarm decides to snooze. Hit every light on the way to a place you’re already late to. Blowing a tire. Calling AAA because your tire iron doesn’t fit the bolts. Becoming aware of how previous owner of your car switched out the spare for one that doesn’t fit. You’re gone three minutes to find help and you get a ticket for parking within thirty feet of a stop sign. You’re frustrated so you take out a couple PB&Js made with tortillas only to find out they’re a terrible vessel for holding in jelly, spilling on figuratively everything. But when you’re looking back on how uneventful February was, popping in Project Pablo’s I Want to Believe, you catch the symmetry. Your alarm decides to chill. You decide to wave jumper cables in front of oncoming traffic and a dude stops, only asking to pay it forward. Spare tires become a mute point when your car become self-driven and you don’t have to deal with any more fuccbois. Ginuwine pops up and sings “Pony” to you and your girl but doesn’t take her! Ayy, settle into bed and holler at whatever higher being you get at and stay right – Project Pablo is a slick dude, keep real whenever you can.

• Project Pablo: https://soundcloud.com/projectpablo
• 1080p Collective: http://1080pcollection.net

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