♫♪  Prurient - Cocaine Daughter [Cassette]

Am I the only person? As if typing in slow motion weren’t difficult enough. But imagine if you were actually my brother. Or a strobe like flickering, like a stuttering SOS in the distance. No matter how hard you punch, that torso is all pack. Imagine actually starting that diet. And trusting everyone you know. Because you know someone — would your wife sell hard drugs to the gal down the hall from her office? — so make a profit. We are awarded for patience as Americans, while this European tape Cocaine Daughter by Prurient (sent to me by someone with potentially better education on mental-/physical-health care) stirs a plot to disrupt everything around us, mutually.

Like, if I were at work trying to shed. Or say you’ve the correct calibration of sex and drugs’ mutual combination. Just say, “Can I Help You?” Aloud. Right now. As if control had anything to do with manifest destiny. You’re firing every last round in the chamber, but within. So the hole is digging deeper than some acidic drip. This is more than any of us know. Why do we even fight it? Then you get a dual cassette deck and your brother gets three suits. When does it all stop? Finding that your vegan diet at Taco Bell is healthier than Chipotle. Finding your God-self unborn child as a resolution cumming in a basement to the tune of a duster’s hiss, by the water heater, because you miss your friends and things aren’t always what they seem, but adulthood? You are not my brother.

There’s a moment here of the reel or malcontent, but I’m not drifting off; but I have and in this realm where wired HBO television comes in waves of scramblies on late night haxxx PPP. Shrug emoji to your boss on Monday morning when they ask you for time-sheets during “holiday hours.” Time is an interesting way of making money. Then there’s branding. First rule of business: don’t look anyone in the eyes. Let’s meet again. Thursday night. For dinner. At Hurricane Grill & Wings™ ESCAPE WITH FLAVOR™ Why?

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