♫♪  Pun Collins - World Wide Wave

World Wide Wave is a splendid new undertaking from Pun Collins on Dirty Tapes. It’s similar routes other beat musicians have taken, starting from straight instrumental tapes of bop to avant concoctions served as mind-altering potions.

Now here’s a video — that’s been in the making for three years — from PARIS GROUP INTERNATIONAL for Pun Collins’ “Rove (feat. Sham Baron)”

On one-hand, World Wide Wave is a crunching of sorts that twists mind funk into a psychedelic journey, contorting the inner workings of a daily schedule, narrating the instances and occurrences that flicker like interruptions or dilemmas that are handled as part of an improv routine rather than a wrench in the cogs. The second hand of World Wide Wave is pure ambience: as though Pun Collins recognizes ever adventurer needs a nap, and the two-sides of this coin treat itself with poise — the juxtaposition of complete serenity within the exploration. Want to find that’s on your mind? Travel within:

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