♫♪  PZA比薩比萨ピザ - ピザロールス ・ ロイスロールス ・ ロイスロールス ROLLS ROYCE・ ロイス

The new pizzawave release by PZA比薩比萨ピザ entitled ピザロールス ・ ロイスロールス ・ ロイスロールス ROLLS ROYCE・ ロイス is a monument under the vaporwave umbrella. This thankfully-digital release wheels in directions of slow-motion careens that dive off sea-cliff side vaults that catch fire mid fall, escaping passengers in dresses that almost propel them out, splashes in such fragile focus each bead of water is like a clear-cut crystal fragmenting illumination into the mind of each listener. Who has time for this? The one eating slopping, expensive pizza in the back of a ピザロールス ・ ロイスロールス ・ ロイスロールス ROLLS ROYCE・ ロイス, licking wave after wave of melty cheese, spiced sauce, dough that’s almost giving up hope and leaping into your mouth, and complete deliciousness of PZA比薩比萨ピザ. Roll up:

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