♫♪  QOHELETH - Black and White Electric Light OST

Black and White Electric Light, a short film (think less than five minutes) by Mike Fink, is a trippy Twilight Zone meditation on media (specifically television) and how it can consume us and ultimately destroy us. I think. There’s a girl watching TV and eating popcorn, and then weird stuff happens. I won’t spoil it for you. You can watch it right here!

Noisy California noiseniks QOHELETH submitted about twenty minutes’ worth of material for the soundtrack, knowing of course that twenty minutes’ worth of music couldn’t all be contained within the final product (not without some trippy Twilight Zone time bending going on at least). They reined in their noisy noisenik proclivities for more subdued compositions, matching the creepy goings-on of Fink’s film instead of the bees and buzzsaws careening about their brainpans. Think scrapes and static, ambient mood pieces.

The result perfectly matches the film, but what if you wanted to hear the full, uncut result of QOHELETH’s labor? Now you can, thanks to Philip K. Discs, our favorite sci-fi-themed label. Check it out RIGHT HERE:

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