♫♪  qualchan. - here, tyrant death.

My dog sleeps most of the day. During the week. When my sig-nif and I are out. And she has very droopy ears the kids downstairs love to play with and she loves it too. Everyone asks if she’s old, and, “She’s 10,” but I still call her pup. She can walk in the rain now.

Yesterday, when I was lost in the park, I saw a dog exactly like Mahdi, only way younger. It was really intent on a squirrel on the other side of a fence, staring at it, knowing it can’t jump over the fence to rip this squirrel into shreds: EWW! Which is why I didn’t bother the lady to ask because Mahdi would’ve been scaling the fence to get that snack at that age.

Oh, but back to her droopy ears: they get clogged a lot, and she likes people to rub them because it elevates that pressure so she can hear better. Imagine five hours into sleeping for her, and her sound is completely blocked; think of her dreams. She moves in her sleep; she sleep runs/howls/plays/sniffs in her sleep. She sniffs a lot in her dreams. Mahdi is also shy, realized I’d been watching her this whole time, so she walked away.

The new qualchan. entitled here, tyrant death. goes to a certain extent of emotion that is quite compelling. Where does it take you?

“here, tyrant death. is a very personal album for me. my dad has been sick for the last two years with an illness that doctors still have yet to figure out. i went to visit him in december of 2016, & brought along philip k dick’s the transmigration of timothy archer. in it, he quotes handel’s belshazzar “here, tyrant death, thy terrors end.” the line really spoke to me, & i carried it with me when i got back home & it lead me to make this album in the week after my trip as a therapeutic way to work through my feelings. this is dedicated to him.” - qualchan.

Also available on tape via Shadow Trash Tape Group:

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