♫♪  QUALIATIK - “champagne”

Whoa, I’ve been putting “champagne” by QUALIATIK on repeat for about an hour now, and can’t get this ex- outta my head. We haven’t spoken for years. Not like I’m suddenly interested, but for some reason I just now randomly thought to axe a pal on Gchat about being friends with ex-s and he’s like “It’s a good way to make friends,” so…

This doesn’t necessarily contextualize “champagne” — as the lyrics are listed underneath the SoundCloud — but QUALIATIK has a real lean pop quality to her song structure, and it feels like I could emoji whatever to it. But I suppose the overall vibe of the track is freeing. Like becoming spiritless through spirituality. Or just becoming emotional while drinking, or love drunk on someone else, but what about that hangover? Keep a bottle close, because QUALIATIK poppin’ rn like “champagne,” as she say:

• QUALIATIK: http://ariellefherman.wix.com/qualiatik

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