♫♪  Queen Victoria - “Breath”

Here’s a brilliant gem by the elusive L.A. art-folk savant and former Sun Araw member Queen Victoria, released in the final batch of tapes from criterion Stunned label (along with albums from such underground heavyweights as M. Geddes Gengras, Warm Climate, and Pimmon). The distant, mystical acoustic arrangements on The Present Tense constitute a considerable addition to Nick Malkin’s sparse discography, and his outside-of-time, knowing vocals — carrying more gravitas than ever — are certain to enrapture every listener. One hundred and eleven of these precious items were set free on Monday, and as of this very moment copies are still available. As Stunned signs off and more tape labels burst forth, I am hopeful that the slack will be picked up and QV will find a fitting home for the next release, which I’m already anticipating. Also look out for Nick as a Warhol screen test model in this recent Peaking Lights video and on tour in L.A. Vampires band.

• Stunned: http://stunnedrecords.blogspot.com/

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