♫♪  R23X - VELTAHL

Take all the times you couldn’t sleep because running through that virtual land kept flashing through your mind. Endless waves of digital grass rustling in the gusts of wind coded to alert when sound effects are deployed. Finding a walkthrough you need a YouTube video to transcribe. And yet you still manage to finish with an above average rating. Like a hacking the back of your mind burrows into a core yet discovered by scientists. Gods that refresh the continue button. Majesties of saved games. Longevity that only earning another heart can give you 15 more minutes of game play.

Dream Catalogue end 2016 with a shellac of matte. R23X puts the Veltahl videogames have been missing these past few generations. It’s not a new game play. There’s no reason to change the graphics too much. More precision in sound. More focus on musical involvement. Ocarina of Time did it best last. Who’s the developer brave enough to tape R23X for their next endeavor?

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