♫♪  Radio Shock - Romanse is the Death of Intellect

Pay a visit to Radio Shock and prepare to leave with a few less wires than you had when you entered. When he’s not out there honcho-ing Decoherence Records, shipping you perfectly packed slabs of mind-altering vinyl chaos from the likes of Form A Log and Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Brooklyn’s own Mr. MP Lockwood rearranges your internal patch cables solo as Radio Shock. He appears before your eyes on stage in a lean black getup with neon green accessories. His electronics spread out on the table before him. His guitar looks like a prop from a battle of the bands episode of Power Rangers. He cradles a toy microphone in his mitts and his shouts reach you as garbled transmissions from some dayglo zone right past the threshold. He has come to entertain you.

Press play on Romanse is the Death of Intellect, Radio Shock’s new tape release on Suite 309, and check out the bleeps that he has arranged just for you. The sum total of his squelching synths, primal drum machine poundings, and six-string buzzsaw constructions paints a timeline of the American experimental underground with all the key dates piled on top of each other. In this alternate reality, Devo released a string of cult classic cassettes on Hanson Records. The Residents locked themselves in a hotel room for ten months with a Super Nintendo and reverse engineered their own vision of chiptune. Throbbing Gristle loosened their suspenders and decided to bend a few more circuits before their last report. Back here in the present day, Radio Shock waves hello from across the basement. Go and shake his hand. Pick up a copy of the tape straight from the man himself, or order one online from Suite 309. If you’re really feeling hungry, spring for the whole inaugural batch, along with entries from Giant Claw and Splice Girls.

• Radio Shock: http://www.radioshock.org/
• Suite 309: http://suite309media.blogspot.com/

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